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Be Still & Know Retreat 2013

In the Plum Village & Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh tradition, we warmly welcome you to join our community of practice for a 3-day retreat at St. Joseph Conference Centre in Bringelly.

The retreat will be guided by brother Chan Phap Kham & brother Chan Phap Dung (from AIAB, Hong Kong) & the sisters from Nhap Luu monastery.

10am Saturday 21/09 to 3pm Monday 23/09/2013

St Joseph Conference Center, 30 Tyson Rd, Bringelly

For registration details please download retreat brochure. Registration should be made by 7pm Sunday 24/03/2013.

Registration Form & Instructions_Sep2013 Retreat

(in English) Khanh Doan 0411 311 474 – email: jossdoan@yahoo.com.au
(in Vietnamese) Hoa Thach 0422 882 586 – email: thithoathach@gmail.com

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