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Happiness is Here and Now Retreat 2013

In the Plum Village & Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh tradition, we warmly welcome you to join our community of practice for a 3-day retreat at St. Joseph Conference Centre in Bringelly.

The retreat will be guided by 4 sisters from Entering the Stream Monastery in Victoria (Sr Trí Duyên, Sr Thuần Tiến, Sr Lương Nghiêm & Sr Cần Nghiêm), and 6 sisters from Plum Village Thailand (Sr Thể Nghiêm, Sr Khuyến Nghiêm, Sr Quán Nghiêm, Sr Xướng Nghiêm, Sr Thuấn Nghiêm & Sr Trung Ngọc).

Friday 29th March to 31st March 2013

St Joseph Conference Center, 30 Tyson Rd, Bringelly

For more information and registration details please download retreat brochure. Registration should be made by 7pm Sunday 24/03/2013.

March 2013 Retreat – Registration Form
March 2013 Retreat – Poster

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