lotus bud sangha

recitation days

As well as integrating meditation and Mindful Living in our days, our dedicated members take on further commitments and vows by upholding the 5 Mindfulness Trainings and/or the 14 Mindfulness Trainings (see Mindfulness Trainings, and Order of Interbeing for more information). These Trainings help purify our hearts and minds from tendencies of greed, hatred, delusion, and all unwholesome states of mind. Every second month at our Centre we gather for the recitation of these Trainings in order to carry out its benefit of peace, happiness and wisdom into our home, work and society.

mindfulness days

Once a month we offer a day of mindful practice and contemplation. The day normally consists of chanting in both Vietnamese and English. Followed by silent sitting meditation, outdoor walking meditation (if weather permits), and dana lunch, so please bring a plate to share. After our physical body’s are nourished it is time to nourish our bodhi-heart by listening to a dharma talk from our teacher Ven. Thich Nhat Hanh on casette or video tape. Small group for dharma discussion and sharings follow. Our aim for the day, in whatever position or activity, is to strengthen the energy of mindfulness, whether talking to our friends, taking our plate for meals or washing up, this energy enables us to develop wisdom, compassion and peace and that these qualities permeate our daily activities at home, at work, or in difficulty relationships and situations. Mindful Living is non-sectarian and non-religious which means that anyone of any faith can benefit from it.